The most isolating of the seasons, this is a time of full contraction. We return to our core, conserving our resources and doing what we can to remind ourselves that no matter how dark it may get, there is always a light inside illuminating our way. In the cold we seek the coziness of fire and close connections. Deep introspection can take place to the point of depression or realization. Either way, opportunity for transformation in this mutable, Shiva time of transitioning, is almost inevitable. This is a time to return to Self. To inwardly see what you are made of and be brave enough to stoke the inner flame.

Ways to welcome winter:

  • Meditation: Sit still, empty yourself and breath
  • Seek warmth, whether a hug from a friend, a cup of tea, a soak in a bath, or a hot yoga class
  • Observe fire and ponder the idea of water turning into steam, wood into ash
  • Goal setting for the new cycle to come – maybe a vision board
  • Serve… there are many less fortunate than us

* Based on our uniqueness, our internal seasons can be very different than what nature is teaching us externally. These explanations and suggestions are very generalized. It is up to you to seek and balance your personal weather. I am always here to help!