After moving to Sacramento and being greatly disappointed in the yoga instructors I had been going to and just not connecting with them, a friend told me to go see Summer. On the first meeting I was instantly connected to her amazing smile and energy. Her vast knowledge of many different yoga disciplines and her commitment to the community and people in general is refreshing.I highly recommend anyone new to yoga or experienced yogis to take one of her many classes. (SUP yoga is my favorite!)


I was new to Sacramento and in need of a yoga teacher. By word of mouth I found Summer Ward right by my new home. At my request, Summer was willing to give me private lessons. Through the course of several months she mindfully attended my out of shape body. I grew in strength and confidence. I performed poses I never thought I could do. She attended my aches and pains with skill and knowledge. I owe a great deal of gratitude to Summer. Her perseverance, commitment to yoga and genuine sunny disposition have made my body and as fit as possible for a 60+ woman.


Summer is a bright shining light! Her classes offer support, encouragement, and compassion while providing students with the space to ground into both ease and effort. You know you have the best yoga teacher around when a cookie falls out of her shirt while she’s in a headstand.

TT Student

I am grateful for you (Summer) and your ripple effect of love, acceptance, and especially peacefulness.  I really enjoyed being in your presence on Thursday evening.  You exude a lot of great qualities… your expanded heart was what stood out the most for me.  It was my pleasure to be around a like-minded person.


Words cannot express how much you and this train have meant to me.  This last year has been one of the hardest of my life and I couldn’t have imagined a more perfect support group and mentor to help me through this.  I will be forever grateful!  I promise to use this knowledge and experience to help others and spread love!