420 Yoga

I’m known for my OM’s! People comment on the length and intensity all the time. I attribute my lung capacity to pranayama, a conscious breath practice that I whole heartedly believe in and have studied exclusively with a teacher. I attribute my interest in pranayama on my early experimental use of drugs. Whether it was a [...]

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My Dream Man

I dream a lot! My dreams are typically very vivid and colorful. Some I remember, some I forget and others are sparked well after the fact when something triggers in my memory. The messages are usually pretty obvious, like the one I had a few nights ago... It started out with a recent crush of mine [...]

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Please don’t call me Yogi…

... unless you're handing me a picnic basket! Aren't we over labels yet? I know it makes our brains feel more comfortable to classify things but in the yoga community, really? Something rubs me the wrong way with this the same way I used to be corrected in the service industry when I would call someone [...]

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