Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga (SUP Yoga) is the combination of yoga done on a stand up paddle board. The integration of posture and breath on a moveable surface is the ultimate way to practice GOING WITH THE FLOW!

Regular classes are held seasonally, along with adventures and retreats.
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My exploration of SUP Yoga first began in Maui while away on a yoga training. I rented a board for a few hours during one of our breaks. It happened to be the windiest part of the day and I was given no instruction on how to paddle. I couldn’t stay on that board to save my life but still had the greatest time attempting to learn. It felt like the hero’s journey and some kind of personal battle to stay grounded on an ever changing surface. When I returned to the Sacramento area, I sought out a local SUP instructor to teach me how to paddle properly. After a few lessons and rentals with Scott Estrada, I bought my first board. That board is covered in dings and stickers but it’s still my favorite! Naturally, as a yoga teacher and student I began doing postures on the board. Scott mentioned getting certified in SUP Yoga through Gillian Gibree in San Diego and so in August of 2012 I became certified and added SUP Yoga to my teaching. In the summer of 2013 I taught SUP yoga classes at Wanderlust Squaw! I am a current ambassador for Glide SUP boards and currently lead my own yearly teacher trainings in SUP Yoga. The combination of nature and yoga together in this format is truly my favorite format of yoga to teach and practice. The fact that it can only really be done during my favorite time of year, is a reminder of the cycle and flow of life