Our warmest and longest days in the United States! A time of heat where we seek out the element of water to stay personally balanced. Ingrained in most of us from our school days, this is a time of year for play! With plenty of light for outdoor activities, we are at our most social and active this time of year. More sure of ourselves and less likely to be ill, we often use this time to explore. Whether taking vacations, hiking new trails, or putting ourselves in new and exciting environments, we have a tendency to want to get out. Peaking in our fullest expansion and relationship to the sun, this season is often celebrated with BBQ’s, bon fires, best friends, and (a personal favorite) beer! Plants become full, providing food and shade for us and our relationship to our Mother/Earth is more connected if we allow ourselves the time to indulge in her offerings.

Ways to welcome summer:

  • Get outdoors! Even if you find it too warm, there are plenty of hours to enjoy early mornings or late evenings soaking in some vitamin D
  • Explore… a new environment, task, or your limits
  • Invite in the water element. Stay hydrated, swim, SUP Yoga
  • Put yourself out there! Apply for that job, hit on your crush, make the move
  • Eat local and fresh – there are so many foods available (in CA) this time of year. Sign up for a CSA, peruse the farmers market or eat from your own backyard
  • Play with color… go bold and bright

* Based on our uniqueness, our internal seasons can be very different than what nature is teaching us externally. These explanations and suggestions are very generalized. It is up to you to seek and balance your personal weather. I am always here to help!