A time of planting seeds, new beginnings and fertility when balance occurs between light and dark on it’s accession to longer days. The Sun begins to rise as it appears to leave the southern hemisphere, crossing the celestial equator, heading northward as seen from our earth. Holidays of rebirth are celebrated throughout the country… Ostara, Easter, Passover, and the colorful Hindu festival of Holi. The cherry blossoms return to Japan, chickens naturally return to egg laying, the earth gets warmer and nature seems to reawaken from it’s deep winter sleep here in the North. This is a time of Cardinal, Brahma energy where our creativity is peaked and things begin an expansive motion outward. It is the start of our zodiac and often looked at as another chance to begin again after the passing of the new year.

Ways to welcome spring:

  • Planning a garden and sowing seeds
  • Commit to creative endeavors of art, writing, dancing, or acting
  • Cleanse: whether your body, home, or mind
  • Include soft colors into your wardrobe, decorations, or art
  • Reassess goals made at the beginning of the year and recommit to some
  • Introduce the element of air through Pranayama, Aireal yoga, or outdoor activities
  • Reacquaint yourself with friends or family you’ve lost contact with or put yourself out there to make some new ones

* Based on our uniqueness, our internal seasons can be very different than what nature is teaching us externally. These explanations and suggestions are very generalized. It is up to you to seek and balance your personal weather. I am always here to help!