“A life not lived for others is not a life.”
― Mother Teresa

If I am certain of anything in my life it’s that I was born to Serve! From my very first jobs in the restaurant industry, it became clear to me that we can enhance each others lives with the way we care for one another. It’s rarely about what we are serving but HOW we are serving it. Yes, skill and knowledge are important but intention and a desire to make better is even more so. Through the practice of Bhakti yoga, I have found my mantra, my intention and it’s that I offer up my life, my services to make this world a more loving and accepting place to live in.

My commitments in Service to you:

  • Clear communication
  • Honesty in ability
  • A warm greeting, smiles, and probably a hug
  • Direct instruction and emphasis on safety
  • Awareness to time and a wise use of it
  • My full attention while together
  • Reasonable industry pricing
  • Only the best intentions

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