Summer works with individuals for a variety of reasons and with different elements. Often including essential oils, she treats privates like mini-retreats. She’s helped people who want to ease into larger classes with foundational work, those who desire more individual attention to specific emphasis like flexibility, stability, or injury recovery. Special attention is given to those looking to learn more complicated poses like arm balances and inversions. Whether booking a private on land, in air, or on the water, Summer is especially attuned to listening to the needs and desires of the an individual and working with them to find the right balance of push and pull. She’s gifted in making people feel comfortable and accepted right where they are at.

Private Class Pricing:
On Land:

One-on-one – $100/hr
Add additional participants for $20 per person

On Water:
90 minutes plus equipment – $150
Add a second person for $50
Groups of 3-7 plus equipment – $250 total
Groups of 8-12 plus equipment- $400 total
(discounts available with personal equipment)
*Location subject to weather, permitting and size of group.