I am literally both of these women… depending on the day! As we celebrate the vernal equinox and one of the two days our earth comes into balance of light and dark, let us remember just that… the earth only finds balance 2 out of 365 days! So why are we so hard on ourselves? As a female virgo, I am especially prone to feelings of guilt and inadequacy but I reckon it’s not limited to sign or sex. Our culture sets us up to believe that we should be the best version of ourselves at all times and improving by the speed at which everything else seems to update so automatically. Truth be told, because that’s what I’m here to do, it is impossible to be lightness all of the time or even probably most of the time (maybe half?) and improvement takes a hell of a lot of soul-searching effort!

Balance is what we are all inherently seeking… between work and play, ease and effort, outward expression and introspection but we never know what that is until we bang up against the walls that define our limits. The earth cycles in what feels like circles and so do we. You may wonder “how did I get back here again?”, but in reality nature moves in spirals. So, while it may feel as though you are banging up against an old wall, you have in fact moved further up that stairwell in life and if you are dedicated to learning from your edges, they will ultimately soften.

Over time, if we are paying enough attention, sincere growth happens. Over time, we redefine our limits or at the very least become comfortable with our sway. I don’t want to be perfect all of the time and yet I don’t feel comfortable living in a space of constant rebellion either, so I will be both! My permission to you on this bi-yearly reminder of evenness, is to be gentle with yourself. We are environmentally moving towards more energy output… don’t think you need to do it all, be it all or have it all… at least not all at once, right now! Observe your edges, celebrate your light and dark sides and indulge in the few days where you find that fine line in between!