A time of year for settling down. Whether your engaged in harvest, preparation for study or taking inventory for winter, our environment begins to contract and institutionally we begin to collect what we can for our future. A time of celebrating all we have accumulated through our expansion, this becomes a time of solidifying community. We begin to share, offer gratitude for our abundance, and observe the natural release of nature. A reminder that we too must shed in order to grow again. Day and night once more find balance as we begin to create that same experience in our home life. Layering for the cooler temperatures and returning indoors, our environment begins to dry up. The Vata (Air) quality of this season encourages us to ground and get rooted.

Ways to welcome Autumn:

  • Practice gratitude… for all that you have and are
  • Honor your ancestors or begin making meaningful traditions that you can return to
  • Study: take a class, research a new topic, join my 200hr yoga teacher training
  • Release what isn’t needed. Negative thoughts, people, or accumulated stuff
  • Ground yourself. Hiking, Earthing, Pruning
  • Invite in Earth tones of green, brown, and grey

* Based on our uniqueness, our internal seasons can be very different than what nature is teaching us externally. These explanations and suggestions are very generalized. It is up to you to seek and balance your personal weather. I am always here to help!