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Seasons of Summer

Seasons Of Summer is about aligning personal inner truth with that of our outer environment. Through the tools of yoga and a connection to nature it’s about understanding the cyclical patterns present in all things and how that weaves its way into our experience of this life and our interaction with the world.

Summer Ward - Season of Summer

About Summer

Most known for my smile, warmth, and authenticity. I’m honest and approachable. I make myself at home. A worshiper of the sun and the mutable energy of Shiva, I rely on the guidance of my grandmother who died when I was nine but is still so close to me. I like everything open and need to be outdoors. I’m a fan of the earth and not afraid to get dirty. I enjoy the cool waters of the ocean, lakes and our rivers. I prefer to swim beneath them where all is quiet. Social by nature but also fiercely independent, I love to travel but need a home base. My biggest motivator in life is connection. My dharma (purpose), is service. I believe we are all here simply doing our best. That there will be days filled with sunshine and days with dark clouds. Times we are expansive and times of contraction. I am certain that we experience our own inherent habits, patterns, and cycles of change that although extremely personal, mimic nature on this planet and our existence as a whole. I believe the answers are already within us and it’s my delight to uncover truth!

A Yoga Alliance registered teacher, I began practicing yoga in 2002, started teaching in 2006, understood it’s depths and began a vigorous study of it in 2009 and made it my full time purpose in 2014. My style of teaching is grounded, intuitive and inward focused.


  • Zuda Yoga – Power Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training – 200hrs
  • Asha Yoga – Comprehensive Yoga Teacher Training – 100hrs
  • Urban Flow/Rusty Wells – Bhakti Yoga Teacher Training – 100hrs
  • Sarah Powers – Yin Yoga Training- 12hrs
  • John Friend – Tantric Yoga & Philosophy – 35hrs

  • Paul and Suzee Grilley – Yin Yoga Training – 30hrs
  • Paddle Into Fitness/Gillian Gibree – SUP Yoga Training – 25hrs
  • James Fox – Prison Yoga Training – 12hrs
  • CPR and First Aid Certified
  • World Paddle Association (WPA) Level One Certified
  • American Canoe Association (ACA) Level One Certified