I am literally both of these women... depending on the day! As we celebrate the vernal equinox and one of the two days our earth comes into balance of light and dark, let us remember just that... the earth only finds balance 2 out of 365 days! So why are we so hard on ourselves? As [...]

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A time of planting seeds, new beginnings and fertility when balance occurs between light and dark on it’s accession to longer days. The Sun begins to rise as it appears to leave the southern hemisphere, crossing the celestial equator, heading northward as seen from our earth. Holidays of rebirth are celebrated throughout the country… Ostara, Easter, [...]

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Our warmest and longest days in the United States! A time of heat where we seek out the element of water to stay personally balanced. Ingrained in most of us from our school days, this is a time of year for play! With plenty of light for outdoor activities, we are at our most social and [...]

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A time of year for settling down. Whether your engaged in harvest, preparation for study or taking inventory for winter, our environment begins to contract and institutionally we begin to collect what we can for our future. A time of celebrating all we have accumulated through our expansion, this becomes a time of solidifying community. We [...]

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