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Please don’t call me Yogi…

... unless you're handing me a picnic basket! Aren't we over labels yet? I know it makes our brains feel more comfortable to classify things but in the yoga community, really? Something rubs me the wrong way with this the same way I used to be corrected in the service industry when I would call someone [...]

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I am literally both of these women... depending on the day! As we celebrate the vernal equinox and one of the two days our earth comes into balance of light and dark, let us remember just that... the earth only finds balance 2 out of 365 days! So why are we so hard on ourselves? As [...]

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I Pulled the Sun!

I believe we create our reality. Individually and collectively, consciously and subconsciously. The path of yoga is the hardest when you realize that it’s all you. Where you are in life, the lessons you are learning, the feelings you are experiencing. Along this path there will surely be a point where you wish you could unlearn [...]

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A time of planting seeds, new beginnings and fertility when balance occurs between light and dark on it’s accession to longer days. The Sun begins to rise as it appears to leave the southern hemisphere, crossing the celestial equator, heading northward as seen from our earth. Holidays of rebirth are celebrated throughout the country… Ostara, Easter, [...]

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