Welcome to Seasons Of Summer

Summer Ward – Yoga Teacher. E-RYT


My name is Summer and I’m here to spread truth!
What truth, you ask?

Ultimately that’s for you to find out… My purpose is to facilitate transformation and to serve you through the process. I found my truth through yoga and nature and believe that with personal dedication to a self awareness practice and the observance of natural rhythms, anyone can return to who they really are and what they are meant to be doing in this world.

Everything is cyclical from the functions of our bodies, to the attitudes that make up our mind, to the cosmos that make up our solar system. We ebb and flow as faithfully as the breath, tides, and seasons. We are inherently brilliant light and sometimes dark shadow with such a broad spectrum of where we fall on any given day or in any given moment. I believe we can create a world where these truths are common place and no one needs to pretend they are anything but themselves!

This website is dedicated to sharing what I do, what I’m learning, and what I know to be true about myself and the human experience we are all here to share! I intend to plant seeds of self acceptance, compassion, and empowerment through a reconnection to nature and yogic principles! I would love for you to join me in this mission and I can’t wait to hear from you!